Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The monome arrives!

The monome arrives from Tetramorph on Vimeo.

The UPS van could not have arrived any later. But arrive it did. Here is a little slideshow to share with you some of the joy of receiving my monome 64. Even the packaging is art! Music by one of the monome community's pillars, stretta (creative commons).


  1. I've never seen a Monome unwrapped with such care! I've never seen a Monome unwrapped! Ahem...

    Monome you are so
    like a cookie to monster
    rain patterns of love

    Rock (minimally)!

  2. Yes, thanks for the haiku! Or is it a monom-ku?

  3. Yeay! I love this blog spot, Nathan. I am proud to be the wife of a monome owner/player/devotee. Note: I prefer the pronunciation, monoMEH, sounding a little more Japanese.
    Maybe you could send one to the White House as a housewarming gift. That would make an Obamonome. Yeah. You saw it here. I just coined that. Love, the little wife.

  4. Best wishes on your blog!

    Austin is great - I lived there for a time while I pursued graduate studies in music composition.

  5. Thanks so much for your post. Not to be cheesy, but having you post on my blog is like an official welcome to the monome community.

    Yes, I'd read on your blog that you were in Austin for a time. I sang in the Concert Choral as an undergrad, but, alas, majored in philosophy rather than music.

    Austin is great and still a lot of fun. The monome doesn't exactly fit into the usual "Austin-Music" scene, however! Maybe we should encourage tehn to bring monome down for SXSW (but it may be way to expensive to get a "booth").

    Peace, and, again, thanks.

  6. Nice! That is a totally cool instrument, and I cannot believe that after years of following my nerd sites engadget and gizmodo I have never come across it. Even if I had, however, I wouldn't have understood its complete awesomeness unless I had seen some of the videos on Stretta's site.

    Absolutely brilliant. What are you going to do with it first? Will Vitaly master it, don a robot suit, and be the second coming of Daft Punk?

    And where on earth did you get it?

    Needless to say, I am beginning an official campaign of begging you to bring this to Dalls for Christmas. We will never sleep. And Dad would LOVE it!

  7. Cool. Thanks for the post, man! Yeah, we'll have to "gig" in Dallas this coming Boxing Day.

    Yeah, the boy LOVES it. If we get started I can't tear him away. Surely this will turn into something (good I hope)?

    I ordered it from monome.org (check them out). The whole monome "community" is the cool thing. It is all open-source and they all share and swap things with each other and improve each others programs. I just sit back and download the benefits!

    Prospective project: short fun piece to upload on a future post.

  8. Saw this on the monome.org website.


    Edison? Or Nathan wearing a took?

    Either way, completely rad. You need to get a breath-operated keyboard.


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