Friday, December 12, 2008

Behind the name

In St. John, as in Ezekiel, these four animals, or rather, these four "living creatures," are the epitome of creation, because of all creatures they are the noblest.

-- Louis Charbonneau-Lassay: The Bestiary of Christ

Theology and teaching are my vocation.

My current career focuses on the worship of the church.

I have always been musical and I have some basic visual artistic talent and interests.

I love music and art that points beyond itself, that participates in the sacred.

I have sung in many choirs; I dabble with keyboard instruments and the guitar. I enjoy synthesizer programming, especially analog. I enjoy attempting to write traditional icons and other forms of sacred images.

I love minimalism, sacred minimalism, ambient and popular music with synthesizers (but not synth pop).

I was inspired to maintain this web log when I received my monome 64.

I appreciate the monome community and consider it a privilege to be (even a minimal) part of it.

So why "Tetramorph"? There are several intersecting reasons:

An angelology of forms and patterns participating in ever overlapping hierarchies that generate almost infinite unique concrete manifestations inspires my meditation on the "decoupled grid" that is the monome.

Tetra = four (64, 128, 256); Morph = form, pattern (application, sequence, progression).

Music, art, creative work, theurgy as means of meditating on the transcendent within creation, and that, in turn, as a means of contemplating on the Source of creation, all gives me the desire to contemplate the Tetramorph.

Not too much good stuff about the Tetramorph on line, but try Wikipedia.

Thanks for reading, and encouraging! Peace.

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