Friday, December 12, 2008

Monome dabble and prospective piece

Slow 64 dabble from Tetramorph on Vimeo.

I came home one evening and decided that I wanted to try something a bit more slow and meditative. So I set Stretta's Polygomé down from its preset 120 BPM to 60 BPM and started dabbling. The above is a sample of it.

I like it so far and really enjoyed myself while producing it. I think it has potential as a recording project, so I welcome any helpful comments. I especially wonder about how to work in extra, overlapping material, themes and sections in order to give variety to pieces such as these that would otherwise be quite repetitive: a productive of this kind of electronic music production. The goal would be theme and variation while keeping the whole feel seamless and (fairly) minimalist.

Technical: As I said, I am using Stretta's Polygomé driving my Prophet 600 and signal processing both the Prophet and my little DR-550 drum machine through my KP3 Kaoss Pad. I actually like the cheesy beats from my old drum machine better than most of the loops in Logic. Logic is currently my (only) DAW. The wave-sequenced pad I add is from my Wavestation.

Apology: Okay, so I apologize again for how low-tech this production quality is. I still have "wife-camera-person" on our digital camera for both video and sound capture. I plan to upgrade, but it is hard to spend money on a camcorder when I want to spend money on gear! So I ask for your patience, etc.

Thanks for following, and thanks for the support.

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