Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another hour (or two) with monome and Logic

This is a follow up on the project I began at an Apple Store One to One session I had a couple of weeks ago. Here is what I was able to do to that project in yet another hour session at the store and about one more hour at home:

I placed a new rhythm bed under it all and worked in a bit more variation. Most significantly, I've added a "B" part that shifts the feel and adds a simple melody from my Prophet 600 through my KP3. Underneath that I lay down a treble rhythm using my monome 64 running Stretta's Polygomé in the "goméizer" mode. I like that track, but it seems too punchy. Over the course of making these new sections, I managed to erase or loose some of the cool midi data from the previous session. Bummer, but I'm not so invested as to do the work to try to recover them. This is just experimentation to get familiar with recording and composing music again.

I like this new piece in general, but the transitions from A to B and back to A need some clear work. I'm also having trouble "bouncing" from Logic to iTunes. I'm not able to get the ending to turn out as I would like it. It cuts of too abruptly. More to work on at my next One to One, I guess!

I would love any comments or criticisms. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the encouragement.


  1. Hi - yeah, the more I hear it the more I like it and think it's got potential. I agree that it'll sound more seamless after another one-on-one at Apple. More more!

  2. Totally dig the electro-fried-sitar sound at the beginning... yes, very Jeff of me. Like the piece pretty well all around. A bit of stuff between :40 and 1:13 could drop out though: the higher pitched repeating sound; brushed symbols; the crisper, faster elements of the percussion are a bit busy under the, uh, what, synth solo?

    Yeah, dig it. A lot would be overkill, but that elecro-sitar thing, quite dig.

  3. Jeff - So you don't like the little twitter? Oh well, I had kind of grown to like it. Well, I tried to make the "B" part more melodic since there really is no connected melody in the "A" part. Didn't work for you, huh? I think I need a broader, less intrusive melodic line, rather than what I have now. it does sound a bit too much like a "solo," which was not the goal. Thanks.


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