Friday, November 14, 2008

One hour with monome and Logic Express

So here is what one can do in one hour at an Apple Store "One on One."

I have signed up for the Apple Store "One on Ones" and, not to be an endorsement or an ad, but, wow, I am glad I did. I'm really slowly gaining facility with Logic Express after not having been a garage band synthesist for almost 15 years! It is a joy to be back in music again.

So I met the teenager that was going to tutor me and I said: "Okay, here is the goal, by the time we are out of here we will have laid down tracks, we'll have an intro and a vamp and we'll bounce it to iTunes so I can share it on my blog." The kid was great and took me right through it.  He was a little trepidatious when I pulled out the monome, but was relieved when he discovered that I had done my homework and had already set it up to sync with Logic, etc.  At any rate, he could recognize "cool" when he saw it!

Now the piece, admittedly, leaves something to be desired. But, at least for me, it bears the hope of future glory. I am using a generic rhythm bed from Ultrabeat. I've got a bass tone from the ESM and I'm triggering it with Stretta's Press Cafe. The treble tone is from the ES2 and it is being triggered by Stretta's Polygome. The result is not unpleasant!

I plan to go back in, add some variation to it (ABACA), and choose a better matching rhythm bed. I'll post it when I've bounced it.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the encouragement!

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  1. Hey hey, I like what you did there, especially when repeated tones dipped into the rhythm stream, behind, on and after the beat, suggesting a cycle or pattern that was permanent but only made audible for a few moments. So the demiurge allows the transcendent ordering pattern to participate in the sensible, but only long enough to betray its existence. I think what I heard was only an illusion, but you set me up to hear it, whether it was really there or not. Cheers.


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