Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some initial dabbling with my monome

Some initial dabblings from Tetramorph on Vimeo.

Okay, here are some initial dabblings with my new monome 64, driving my Prophet 600 through Stretta's polygome application on max runtime. The audio is then processed through my KP3 Kaoss Pad.

This improv represents exactly why I wanted to get back to music and rebuild a project studio. Real time modification of a sequence - so that my hands are free from the synth keyboard, real time effects processing and analog synthesis. This video concentrates on the monome and the KP3, so when I am not active there, that means I am probably doing something on the board of my Prophet.

Okay, so I'm still pretty low-tech: sorry! This is just my dear wife volunteering to capture me on our pretty decent little digital camera acting as a pretty poor tiny camcorder. So, of course, the sound capture is horrible. I know you all can insert a little imagination and hear how great it really was (I hope).

Problems I've got to work on: recording quality audio when I capture this kind of video, and taking video that neither glares the surface of the KP3 nor is so dark that very little can be discerned (as is the case here).

Oh, well. I still wanted to share this joy of mine. So I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

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