Friday, January 2, 2009

Polygomé pop song project

I've been fooling around with Stretta's polygomé for a while now. I've been enjoying some of the bizarre, and (to me) unpredictable behavior of its "gomeizer" function. Playing with it in this mode, I came up with this little pop song. I call it "Only One" (as in, "you're not the"):

I plan on working it up into a full blown (but minimalist, of course) pop song with vocals. I want to work on the drum bed and add some kp3 effects and fills.  I want to work in a few other synth bursts, effects and sporadic melodies. I can't figure out whether I want it to be silly, sarcastic or just weird. But I just can't take pop too seriously, so it will have to conform to one of those adjectives.

Please let me know what you think, any comments or suggestions. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the encouragement.


  1. Vocals could be good, but I think it could go a bit more minimal in the rhythm section with your bed o' drum: particularly don't like the snare sound you've got on the second beats. Seems like something Tin Drum would be cool.

  2. Jeff - Thanks for the tips. I don't think I'm going to change the bed itself, but I think I will use e.q. to pull down some of the noisiness of the treble around that snare high/hat combo. Peace


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