Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Days and Nights: New Track

In my last post I indicated that I was away in Siberia. Well, we've been back about a month now, and in that time I have been able to cobble together my first shareable pop song.

It is inspired by the 10 extra days in Siberia we were not expecting to have to stay that we did. We waited for our new daughter - and were away from our little son at home. The song reflects the heartbreak and resolution that we had that got us through.

Lead female vox is my dear wife. Horrible male lead vox at bridge is yours truly. It does not sound cheesy to me, because my heart was poured out into this. However, I don't need to share this stuff with the world if it is not worth sharing. Please gently let me know if I should just stick with electronica and ambient, or if I should just try harder next time. If you like it, but have some advice, please share that too!

This month marks a year since I received my monome 64 and since I began sharing my creative avocation via this web log. I have so much to be thankful for. More posts to come!

Thanks for following, and thanks for the encouragement. Peace.


  1. A week's response lag? That might not be so bad for me... Still haven't listened to it as much as I'd want for a lenghty commentary, but that may be something for which to be thankful. Hooray Thanksgiving! Anyway: like the sound and melody line and the quick, light percussion, but maybe a slower tempo over all and a bit murkier on the piano sound; I'd like to hear Kelly's voice a couple or so notes lower for the song (yes, I know that would affect the rest too); I think the speakers on the computer aren't giving me a good vocal-instrument mesh. That's my two cents. Tally Ho.

  2. Hi!

    You have a talent for this form Tetramorph and I mean that as a compliment. It is a really nice tune and I like the use of "transmission" mid way thru... I agree with the comment above: re the vocals being a bit lower and the piano a tad more "recessed" ...but the production, balance, etc. is very well done. Very nice and welcome back!

  3. Thanks for the input, friends. I will remix when I package up some stuff in a short album I am envisioning (at this rate, about 2 years off!). When I remix I will turn down the piano. I am not going to rekey this one, so I will just adjust the vocals down a bit too. Really, that just means bringing up some more presence to the percussion and bass line. And providing a bit more spread between the piano and vocals. I appreciate the input! And thanks for the compliment, nke, it means a lot. Peace


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