Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DIY monome case

Okay, so here is how I carry my monome about town: in my satchel / brief case wrapped in an old pillow case. Fancy, I know. That is about the extent of my DIY capabilities.

I thought this slideshow would be a fun little gift to the monome community. There has been some recent activity in the monome community regarding how to store or carry one's monome - and it seems to be a recurring theme. So, here's to you, monome community!

I gave up on this little musical track that I used as music for the slideshow a while back. This project was the result of my Apple Store One to One sessions. I grew tired of it, but it was really instructional for me; so I don't regret it. It turned out to be a perfect sound track for how to turn an old pillow case into a brand new monome case. Enjoy.


  1. It is sad, but true, I will be retiring my DIY monome case. I don't know which is sadder, the end of my pillow-monome-case or the end of my DIY career. The good news is, mapmap made me a totally RAD monome case and I was one of his first "customers." Mapmap is the guy behind the "dust breeding" blog that I have in my web log roll. Here is the link to his site and a picture of the exact "model" that I got:

    Order yours right away!

  2. That is a nice-looking case Mr. Dust makes - probably the monome set will be less mortified in seeing your instrument better protected, but your method looked very classic, like this is how, according to ancient ritual, they packed their monomes in Heian Japan. No one could pack a monome like Lady Murasaki.

    Your videography is pretty fantastic on this one.

    Love inclusion of the vase and candle holder.

  3. Thanks for getting the joke, Jeff!


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